The #zwiedzajKrakow program, an element of the "Undiscovered Krakow" promotional campaign, aims to activate the local economy by encouraging residents and tourists to take advantage of the rich offer of Krakow companies.

The program assumes joint participation of public institutions and entrepreneurs in offering services and products at a discount to the residents of Krakow who have the Krakow Card or the Krakow Family Card with a Disabled Child, the so-called The "N" card or the Krakow Family Card 3+ and and turists as part of the #zwiedzajKrakow Card.


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#ZwiedzajKrakow Program Partners [LIST]

Assumptions and time scope of the program

  • The program is organized by the City of Krakow - Department of Tourism in cooperation with the Department of Social Communication and the Krakow Festival Office, Malopolska Tourist Organization, Krakow Chamber of Tourism, Krakow Merchant Congregation, Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Krakow, Malopolska Chamber of Hotel Gremium, Malopolska Chamber of Crafts and Entrepreneurship, the Krakow Chamber of Commerce "RH plus".
  • Participants in the Program include Krakow museums, the list includes, among others Museum of Krakow, Wawel Royal Castle-State Art Collection, National Museum in Krakow, Museum of Municipal Engineering, Museum of the Home Army Gen. Emil Fieldorf "Nil" in Krakow, Polish Aviation Museum, "Bunker of Art" Contemporary Art Gallery, Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow MOCAK, Ethnographic Museum in Krakow, Institute of Ceramics and Building Materials / Lipowa 3 Center of Glass and Ceramics, MICET Interactive Museum / The Theater Education Center at the National Stary Theater in Krakow, the Museum of Photography in Krakow, as well as the Krakow Zoological Garden and the Wieliczka Salt Mine.
  • We invite Entrepreneurs to become Program Partners. Those interested in participating in the Program are asked to prepare an offer for their services and products (applies to the entire range) with a 20% discount, which will be granted after presenting the #zwiedzajKrakow or Krakowska Card or Krakow Family Card with a Disabled Child, the so-called "N" cards or the Krakow Family Card 3+ in the period from July 1 to October 31, 2020.
  • Examples of offer categories: accommodation services, tourist packages, gastronomy, guide services, transport services, admission to attractions, health-related services, souvenirs, bookstores, crafts etc.
  • The condition for the participation of entrepreneurs in the Program is to read the Program regulations and send a correctly completed application form and a scan / photo of the statement on accepting the terms of the regulations to the address:
  • The condition for the participation of tourists in the program is a stay for min. one day in an accommodation facility whose administrators will join the program. In these facilities, the #zwiedzajKrakow card will be distributed, which entitles you to get a 20% discount on services and products offered by entrepreneurs who are Program Partners.
  • In the case of offering accommodation services under the Program, only operators of accommodation facilities that operate in accordance with the Act on hotel services, services of tour leaders and tourist guides of August 29, 1997 may become the Program Partner.
  • In the case of creating tourist packages, the provisions of the Act of 24 November 2017 on tourist events and related tourist services (i.e. Journal of Laws of 2019, item 548, as amended) shall apply.
  • The program does not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code and is only of a social, informative and promotional nature.
  • The first stage of recruitment to the program for entrepreneurs: until June 26, 2020. (the recruitment will be open until October 1) - the Organizer encourages you to apply for the Program as soon as possible.
  • The program will be supported by a nationwide promotional campaign under the slogan Krakow undiscovered.
  • Accommodation offers will be available for booking from June 20.

Promotion of the Program

In order to promote the program, the city of Krakow will launch a nationwide promotional campaign under the slogan Krakow Undiscovered. In the largest cities in Poland - incl. large-format advertisements inviting you to Krakow will appear in the Tri-City, Wrocław, Poznań, Szczecin and Warsaw. The city of Krakow will also be present on television, press, radio and the Internet. The program will also be promoted in the city media: Magic Krakow, Facebook and Instagram Krakow Experience as well as Bus TV and the machines of the Krakow City Card.

The regulations of the #zwiedzajKrakow Program together with the application form and statement are available at and